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  Bush Wants G8 to Honor Commitments to Africa


  U.S. President George Bush says he will use next week's meeting of the world's leading industrialized nations to urge fellow leaders to honor the commitments they have made to help Africa.


  President Bush says the world needs more than leaders who make promises about helping Africa. He says it needs leaders who actually write the checks.


  "You know I hope that these countries understand the great promise and hope that comes when we help alleviate this suffering," the president said. "And so one of my really important agenda items is going to rally our partners to make commitments and meet commitments."


  Mr. Bush told reporters at the White House that he is going to next week's Group of Eight summit in Japan to press fellow leaders to deliver on a promise made two years ago to double financial assistance to Africa to $22 billion by the year 2010.


  So far, the nonpartisan AIDS and poverty awareness group the One Campaign says just 14 percent of those funds have been delivered.


  At last year's G8 summit, leaders agreed to back U.S.-led efforts to help cut African deaths from malaria by half in the most-affected countries. President Bush says he will push leaders to honor that commitment as well.


  Mr. Bush says he will press for more G8 funding to train African health care workers and assistance for those facing rising food prices in Africa and other developing nations.